Happiness virus

June, 2020

After several months of self-isolation, representatives of the contemporary art gallery ArtAlea offer to remember the beautiful and invite to the pre-auction exhibition of modern art “Virus of Happiness”.

In the frameworks of the summer auction collected works by nine Latvian artists: paintings by Edmund Lucis, Dita Lusa, Artur Akopyan, Lasma Puyate, Marek Gurecki, Baiba Abelite, Diana Adamaite, Justine Luce and Eduard Dubrovsky. Through their work, art masters express their indifference to what is happening around, since each event affects feelings, emotions, memories and hopes.

The exhibition "Virus of Happiness" is named after the painting of the same name by the Latvian artist Arthur Akopyan. The concept is based on an attempt to convey the individual's worldview under conditions of physical distance, which forces one to plunge into happy and serene memories. The conditions of reality are the pursuit of a global virus of happiness with a widespread risk of infection and a nagging longing for the ease of being.

Anyone can participate in the auction online. Just chose works below and start bidding!

Buyer's commission 0%!

Bidding will end on July 6 at 20:00 on the website ArtAlea.

The physical pre-auction exhibition "Virus of Happiness" will be held from June 3 to July 5 in the interior design gallery CREA.

Free entrance.