Heartbeat Gallery

Anete Kalniņa's solo exhibition “Gallery Heartbeat” is a symbiosis of three dominant motifs: light, lightness and heart. The heart is the  “vein” of the artist, which permeates the paintings of the exhibition. It is this aspect that turns abstract landscapes into more personal, intuitive paintings.

 A distinctive style of artworks by Aneta Kalniņa creates a versatile style, permeated by natural motifs and abstract elements. The artist is not afraid of “empty” areas on the canvases, creating seasoned and harmonious compositions with the help of a masterful combination of various materials and contrasting color blocks.

 “The art-works, presented at the exhibition, are an illustration of my internal conditions at different periods of time. The emotions and memories I have experienced, transferred to the canvases. Pictures are evidence of acquired life experience. In order to realize and “live through” a situation, I need to depict it. I gain peace of mind only by sharing emotions with the canvas and subsequently analyzing the work from the side, ” says Anete Kalniņa.

The contemporary art exhibition “Gallery Heartbeat”, organized by ArtAlea , will be held from July 8 to August 7 at the Interior Design Gallery CREA (Interior Design Gallery CREA).

 Free entrance